ALPI - Templiner Solution

The ocean containers are pieces of iron that are frequently exposed to bad and severe weather conditions. Some type of products are sensible to these kind of fluctuations, therefore sometimes reefer containers are needed, especially related to the food industry.

However there are periods of the year where these conditions are mitigated but still need some attention and, in some cases, customer might suffer the extra costs of a reefer service either where it wouldn't be strictly needed.

ALPI has developed a good expertise on an alternative solution that brings cost benefits to its customers, by utilising Templiner materials.

In the video it is shown how quickly and efficiently ALPI can implement this solution wherever and whenever it's needed. 

Not only it is good for our customers, whereby it is easier to implement this solution rather than booking and operating a reefer container, but it is also good for the environment as the materials are reusable and there is no energy consumption involved.

So please enjoy the video while ALPI takes care of your goods: