Strategic Integration between AlpiWorld and Marvinet

Strategic Integration between AlpiWorld and Marvinet

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Marvinet, a cutting-edge company in the B2B international trade industry. This collaboration is born from a shared goal: to innovate the global trading market through digitization and advanced security.

Security and Efficiency at the Forefront

Marvinet, with its revolutionary B2B trading platform [], and AlpiWorld, a leader in logistics, join forces to raise the bar for security and operational standards in international transactions. At the heart of this synergy is Marvinet's technology, ensuring transparent and immutable transactions, and AlpiWorld's transport and integrated logistic services, promising efficiency and timeliness.

Ongoing Training

The partnership also includes a program of workshops and training sessions, focusing on optimizing workflows and adopting sustainable practices. Professional growth and skill development are priorities in our joint agenda.

Enhanced Security and Transparency in Logistic

Our collaboration with Marvinet embodies our unwavering commitment to the safety and transparency of transportation and warehousing.

Together, we ensure that every logistical aspect of the operations on the Marvinet platform is conducted under the most stringent security protocols.

AlpiWorld's state-of-the-art warehousing facilities are at the disposal of Marvinet users, providing secure storage solutions that integrate seamlessly with our platform's tracking and verification systems.

This partnership guarantees that the path your goods take from origin to destination is not only secure but also completely transparent. Join us in advancing B2B international trade with trust and clarity at the forefront.