ALPI Eesti Warehouse Enlargement


In this May, ALPI Eesti celebrates its first birthday in double figures – 10!

We have two offices – our head office (and warehouse) near Tallinn and our second office in Tartu. ALPI Eesti employs a total of 27 people.

We are excited to announce that along with our 10th birthday we started extending our warehouse in January, which will increase ALPI Eesti's total area to 5400 m2. The extension will expand our storage area by 1500 m2 and will be ready in July.

ALPI Eesti recently introduced modern warehouse management software that enables our customers to see goods' real-time inventory and to place a dispatch order via the programme. As a result, we are providing a more efficient service to our customers and the number of mistakes has been vastly reduced. In addition, we are also working to integrate online-store solutions.

ALPI Eesti offers:

  • European and domestic transport with the relevant services: storage and packaging of goods, managing customs formalities, insurance etc.
  • Road, air and sea transport
  • Comprehensive terminal and warehouse logistics services
  • Excise and customs warehousing
  • Customs brokerage services
  • Insurance