ALPI UK - Christmas Donation

ALPI UK - Christmas Donation

There is no doubt Christmas is a very special time of year, the gestures of kindness and good will bring our busy lives into focus.

This year Alpi UK once again asked their staff to nominate charitable organisations who may have personally helped and supported them or their families through a particularly difficult period of their life.

The staff replied with an abundance of enthusiasm and verve, the like of which prompted Alpi UK to nominate the following charity for the donation.

The Christie, Manchester

One of my best friends is currently undergoing a revolutionary new treatment for secondary cancer with them, unfortunately she is terminal and this is to pro-long her life. I have lost my dad and aunts to this horrible disease and every donation is greatly welcomed. 

The Christies is a renowned hospital for treating cancer, they offer the best care, treatment and quality of life for each patient.  The donations they receive provide funding to help patients and families cope with understanding the effects of treatment.

The Clinical Research Department will benefit so much on receiving this fantastic sum of money.

Jo O’Donoghue – Manchester, Office