ALPI UK Charity Donations

There is no doubt Christmas is a very special time of Year, the gestures of kindness and good will bring our busy lives into focus.

This year Alpi UK once again asked their staff to nominate charitable organisations who may have personally helped and supported them or their families through a particularly difficult period of their life.

The staff replied with an abundance of enthusiasm and verve, the like of which prompted Alpi UK to nominate four charitable organisations with donations.

New Start Charity

“This Heart and Lung Charity is very important to me as my wife is waiting for a lung transplant”

Nominated by Wayne (Manchester Office)

Havens Hospice

“My Mum was looked after by Havens Hospice two years ago and they were wonderful with not only my Mum, but were a great support to my Sister and I at a very difficult time“

Nominated by Natalie – (Basildon Office)

MS Society   

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating and degenerative autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own nerve sheaths (myelin) causing pain and distorting the nerve messages from and to the brain.  I have MS and use the local centres in Stockport and Thameside for support. The support get-togethers are all self-financed. Eventually, I will need them more and more, but am resisting the need at the moment!!!!”

Nominated by David (Manchester Office)

Parkinson’s UK 

“My Dad is now aged 83, and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease four years ago. I have seen him deteriorate rapidly in this time with his walking, memory, co-ordination and confidence all greatly affected. Medication can slow down the effects of the disease, but sadly, as yet there is no cure. I’ve seen my dad turn from a fit and healthy man, to a person who needs a great deal of help. He has always been my inspiration and my number one supporter, and now I devote more and more time to helping him. Parkinsons UK provide practical help and emotional support for the sufferer, along with support, advice and information for their families. Their input is valuable to my Dad and my family who help to look after him”   

Nominated by Rob (Manchester Office)